Dorothy May Hiley Smout

 In the 1891 England Census, Dorothy 10 months, was listed living in Harrow, Middlesex, England with her father, Samuel Smout 39, her mother, Elizabeth Smout 33, her aunt, Kate S Hiley 19, a visitor, Walter J Rivett 21,  and a general servant, Edith Franklin 14. Samuel was a railway clerk.

 The Smout family expanded and Dorothy gained a brother and two sisters. On 16 September 1891, twins, Mabel Olive and Samuel Oliver, were born in Harrow, Middlesex, England.  On 23 March 1893, Gladys L, was born in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

 On 16 October 1894, at the age of 43, Samuel Smout died of Acute Morbus Cordis (heart attack) in East View, Northwood, Middlesex, England; Elizabeth Hiley was present at his death. We do not know where he was interred. He was an accountant clerk for Great Western Railway Company at Paddington Station from May 1869 until his death. He was born 18 Sep 1851 in Marylebone, Middlesex, England and baptized 5 Sep 1852 at St Marylebone, Middlesex, England. His parents were Samuel Smout, 1821-1884, and Susan Lenton, 1821-1883. They were buried in Kensal Green Cemetery, Kensington and Chelsea, London, England.

 In Samuel Smout’s will, dated 11 Aug 1890, and according to the Separation Agreement  from his wife, Eliza Louisa Chapman, dated 10 Oct 1889, he left her the house at No 29 Chesterton Road, North Kensington, London. After his debts and expenses, he devised and bequeathed to Elizabeth Hiley with whom he resided, his leasehold house No 27 Chesterton Road, North Kensington, London and all the rest, residue and remainder of his estate. Probate of the will was granted on 12 November 1894 to William Henry Candish, one of the Executors. Gross value of Personal Estate  £649 - 8 - 1

 At the time of their father’s death, Dorothy was 4, the twins, Olive and Samuel were 3 and Gladys was 1.


Smout children: (L-R) Samuel, Dorothy, Gladys, Olive

1900, London, England 


In the 1901 England Census, Dorothy 10 was listed living in The Village, Cranford, Middlesex, England with her mother, Elizabeth Smout 43, Samuel O & Mabel O 9, and Gladys 8. Elizabeth was a grocer, working on her own account at home.

On 17 February 1905, at the age of 48, Elizabeth Hiley died of leucocythaemia (leukemia) at the Sanatorium Blackwell, North Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England. Her sister, Alice Hiley Hiorns, 1859-1956, registered the death. Elizabeth was buried with her parents, Allen Hiley, 1834-1910, and Selina Wilson, 1834-1903, in the church cemetery of St Nicholas, Curdworth, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England on 24 Feb 1905. Elizabeth was born 12 Nov 1856 at Aston, Warwickshire, England and was baptized 25 Oct 1858 at St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.


C1910  St Nicholas, Curdworth, Warwickshire, England


Eleven weeks before her death, Elizabeth Hiley wrote this letter:

South View

Ward End

Dec. 3rd '04

To my dear children 

 I[n] case anything should happen to me suddenly I want to tell you as far as possible what I would like you each to have & I do hope there will be no unpleasantness. The insurance money your Aunties will see to, there will be a little to keep you while you learn some trade if you want to do so but what ever you take up stick to.

I should like Dorothy to have my gold watch & chain & small brooch made from studs also tea set & any house linen there may be of mine. Sam to have my silver watch & gold chain, any pins there may be, banjo, financial certificates & pictures. Olive my brooch with the garnet & Gladys the one with the turquoise in. All knives, forks, spoons, cruet etc to be divided between Olive & Gladys, of course when old enough until then in the care of your Aunties. I[f] you have not all left school your Aunties & Uncles to decide for you which would be best to do in the meantime & help you to decide what to do after you have left school. That you will all grow up good & respectable children living in the love & fear of God & make a better man & women than your mother, is the last fond wishes(sic) of

Your Loving Mother

 E Smout

Elizabeth Hiley's letter

In the will of Elizabeth Hiley “(also commonly known by repute as Mrs Elizabeth Smout widow)”, dated 19 Jan 1898, she appointed her sister, Kate Selina Hiley Moss, the sole executrix and trustee of her will and guardian of her children. Elizabeth devised and bequeathed  to her trustee her estate and the sole and absolute discretion of the  Residuary Trust Fund for the maintenance and education of her children. “Upon trust to divide ... among all my children ... son shall attain the age of twenty one years or being daughters shall attain that age or marry under that age in equal shares ...” Probate of the will was granted on 18 Mar 1905 to Kate Selina Moss the sole executrix. Gross value of Estate  £111 - 14 - 6

In the Probate Record, it stated Elizabeth Hiley was of South View, Ward End, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. At the time of their mother’s death, Dorothy was 14, the twins, Olive and Samuel were 13 and Gladys was 11.

Their maternal grandmother, Selina Wilson, died in 1903.  Their maternal grandfather, Allen Hiley 72, was a widower living in Ward End, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

Their paternal grandparents were dead. They had one paternal aunt living in London,  Martha Smout, 1857-1937, married to William Clark, 1860- . They had 3 daughters, Catherine Susan Louisa, 1885-1966, Martha Rose, 1888-1957, and Winnifred Emma, 1893-1977.

There were 5 maternal aunts: Alice Hiley Hiorns, 1859-1956, Eliza Hiley Hands, 1860-1942, Emma Hiley Marlow, 1865- , Ada Ann Hiley Anderson, 1869-1954, and Kate Selina Hiley Moss, 1871-1952. All the sisters had children of their own.

According to the will, Kate Selina Hiley Moss was the children’s guardian and sole trustee of the Residuary Trust Fund. As we saw from Probate, the value of the estate was £111. We do not know about the Residuary Trust Fund, the leasehold house in London or the insurance money. Kate Selina lived at 17 Albermarle Road, Seacombe, Cheshire, England, across the harbour from Liverpool, England where was located the Liverpool Sheltering Home.

“Formally opened on the 1st May 1873, the purpose of the Liverpool Sheltering Homes was to rescue destitute and neglected children, train them in the home and to accompany groups to a new life in Canada."  

Special Collections & Archives, University of Liverpool  

Samuel 15 was admitted to the Liverpool Sheltering Home on 29 Jan 1906. He left England on 22 Feb 1906 aboard the SS Tunisian and arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on 3 Mar 1906.

Olive 15 was admitted to the Liverpool Sheltering Home on 7 May 1906. She left England on 24 May 1906 aboard the SS Virginian and arrived in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada on 1 Jun 1906.

Dorothy 16 was admitted to the Liverpool Sheltering Home on 19 May 1906. She left England on 24 May 1906 aboard the SS Virginian and arrived in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada on 1 Jun 1906. Dorothy and Olive were together.


                         St Armand Centre, Q                                                                                 

                        May 10th 1906

 Mr Drummond

                                                                                    Yours duly received. Mr E. A. Holden of Frelighsburg will be pleased to take the other sister of Samuel Smout. Mr Taylor of Knowlton knows the Holden family well. 

                        I will go for the girls when they come.


                                                                                                N.N. Vincent


We have Dorothy’s record from the Liverpool Sheltering Home which contained the above letter dated before she was admitted.  The file says that she is the sister of Samuel and Olive Smout. “Dorothy passed her Standard VI (Grade 6) and Olive was in Standard VII (Grade 7). Neither girl cares for children, the reason why Olive does not get on with her aunts. She had a situation for 6 months; her aunt took her away to help at home. Dorothy has been since December with Mrs Lloyd 11 Albermarle Rd at 3/ - per week. Aunt - Mrs Moss, 17 Albermarle Rd, Seacombe.”

From the record, we know that Dorothy went to live and work for Ernest Holden, St Armand, Quebec, on 9 Jun 1906, earning $72.00 for the 1st year. Rev. E. M. Taylor, Methodist minister and Government Inspector of Schools, from Knowlton, visited Dorothy annually, sometimes more often. On 1 Apr 1909, Dorothy went to work for Willard Martindale in Stanbridge Ridge, Quebec for $2 per week. Even though she was over age, Rev. Taylor continued to visit her there until she married. The reports were always favourable.

Rev. Ernest M. Taylor

Gladys 14 was admitted to the Liverpool Sheltering Home on 8 May 1907. She left England on 10 May 1907 aboard the SS Victorian and arrived in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada on 17 May 1907.


Smout sisters: Dorothy (left), Olive (right) & Gladys (standing)

22 Sep 1907, Bedford, Quebec, Canada

On the back of the photograph is written:

To: Mr & Mrs. Vincent with kind regards

From: Dorothy, Olive & Gladys

Sept. 22nd, 1907


 Smout Siblings: (L-R) Gladys, Samuel, Olive, Dorothy

undated, Bedford, Quebec, Canada


Dorothy and her siblings were part of groups of accompanied children sent to the Knowlton Distributing Home in Knowlton, Brome, Quebec, Canada. Between “1872-1912 a total of 4,858 children were placed from the Knowlton Home. Of these, 3,536 were between ages of 9 to 18 years and the balance of 318 were 18 years and over.”  Yesterdays of Brome County   The home closed in 1915.


In the 1910 US Census, Samuel Smout 18 was in Shelburne, Chittenden, Vermont working as a valet. Gladys Smout 17 was in Franklin, Franklin, Vermont working as a telephone operator. 

In the 1911 Canada Census, Olive 19 was living in St Armand East, Missisquoi, Quebec with Noble N Vincent and his wife Harriet. She was a domestic.

In the 1911 Canada Census, Dorothy 21 was living in the Township of Stanbridge, Missisquoi, Quebec with Willard Martindale and his mother, Jane Martindale and Hormidas Racine, farm hand. She was a domestic.

On 30 Dec 1911, Dorothy Hiley Smout 21 and Charles Richard Smith 26 were married in the Stone Church, Stanbridge Ridge, Missisquoi, Quebec, Canada. Samuel and Olive Smout signed as witnesses.




Dorothy and Charles, 1885-1957, moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada where Richard Samuel, 1913-1983, and George Byron, 1914-2008, were born. Charles worked as a carpenter.

On 14 Mar 1916, the family moved back to the Township of Stanbridge, Quebec and Charles purchased the family farm from his mother, Della May Hitchcock, 1858-1930, widow of Richard Conery Smith, 1859-1905. Della continued to live with them.

Kathleen May, 1916-2002, Harold Charles, 1919-2007, and Thomas Leslie, 1926-2015, were born on the farm and baptized in the Stone Church on Stanbridge Ridge where Dorothy played the organ.



C1939 Smout Siblings  L-R  Dorothy, Samuel, Olive, Gladys


On 5 Jan 1942, the farm was sold and Dorothy, Charles and their son, Thomas, moved to Bedford, Brome-Missisquoi, Quebec, Canada.

On 28 Sep 1947, at the age of 57, Dorothy Hiley Smout died at home in Bedford. She was buried on 1 Oct 1947 in the Stanbridge Ridge Cemetery, Brome-Missisquoi, Quebec, Canada. We do not know if a gold watch and chain and a brooch made of studs were among her possessions but her son, Thomas, did not remember seeing his mother wear this jewelry. When Kathleen, Dorothy's daughter, died, they were not among her jewelry according to her daughter, living.


The Smout siblings remained close. Samuel, Olive and Gladys married and had families. Some cousins are still in contact. Gladys died in 1972 in Vergennes, Addison, Vermont, USA. She was 79. Olive died in 1980 in Grants Pass, Josephine, Oregon, USA. She was 88. Samuel died in 1985 in Gerry, Chautauqua, New York, USA. He was 94.



 2010 Year of the British Home Child in Canada

“Between 1869 and the early 1930s, over 100,000 children were sent to Canada from Great Britain during the child emigration movement.”