The Hitchcock roots can be traced back to 16th century Switzerland via Britain. They were early New England settlers who made their way to Canada after the American Revolution. 

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1864 Walling Map of Bear Mountain, Township of Potton, Brome County, Quebec, Canada home of Edward Hitchcock, his sister, Jane Hitchcock, and her husband, John Brown, and family in 1880.c1889 Bear Mountain, Township of Potton, Brome County, Quebec, Canadac1929 Charles H Hitchcock - Newspaper file photo used for his  obituary in the Glens Falls, NY Post-Starc1941 L-R: Charles Smith, Dorothy Smout Smith, Charles Hitchcock, Marjorie Morse Smith, Byron Smith1890 Chester Hitchcockc1929 L-R: Dorothy Smout Smith, Della Hitchcock Smith, Marjorie Morse Smith  In front: Tom (Tim) Smith, Gordon SmithChildren of Margaret Brown and Luke Hitchcock. Back row L-R: Warren, Frank and Charles. Front row L-R: Hale, Mary and George. *Thank you to Frank’s great-granddaughter for sharing this and other family photos.c1870 Elizabeth Cornell, Peter Hitchcock, Della Hitchcock
Stained glass window in the United (former Methodist) church in Philipsburg, Quebec, Canada dedicated to Rev. Barnabas Hitchcock and his son Rev. Peter M Hitchcock.
c1885 Richard Conery Smith and Della Hitchcock

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